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"Bobby Parker’s Working Class Voodoo is an enterprise of dark metaphysics which exists in the same tradition as Thomas de Quincey and Elizabeth Bishop. Punishing, plaintive, improper, vitally comic, Parker employs a vibrato narrative deeply concerned with the cost of both journey and arrival, with the irresistible darkness of both humour and tragedy in contrast and counter to one another. In poems which push at questions of contemporary masculinity, of the domestic and of the bonds of family, our unreliability, our desires, our addictions and our weaknesses are both indulged and confronted. Yet where such commitment to the uncovering of artifice might be expected to provoke disdain, Parker’s singing faith in human love is what these poems reveal. What is lost will be recovered, and what was thought impossible will be achieved, no matter the darkness, no matter the weight. Working Class Voodoo is a confessional and a challenge, and a swampy, seductive ride into the night." - O.R.B.

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Blue Movie from Nine Arches Press

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Praise for Blue Movie: 
"Bobby Parker’s poems play truth or dare, baring the soul of the small town blues...both daringly up-front and utterly candid, Blue Movie veers between disaster, horror, comedy, sex, drugs, love and parenthood with dare-you-to-laugh brilliance. Along with their starkness and mucky-faced honesty, these poems are meticulously crafted, canny, and always one step ahead" - Jane Commane, Nine Arches Press

"When you've been awake all night, and the sun comes up, and you're deafened by the sound of your own slowing heartbeat, your body now left to the wasteland of noradrenaline and the sheer terror of being alive, you might fall apart. Or like Bobby Parker has done with this beautiful collection, breathe through it as though it's one long exhalation of the lived experience. This is what is revealed here on paper; the thrill of higher-than-highs and the destitute howl of the lows, as friend, husband, lover, parent, user, son, and magically gifted writer. Here is generosity. Here is Love." - Melissa Lee-Houghton

"Bobby Parker’s Blue Movie is a beautifully intense study of the brutality of love executed in a series of long narrative poems that effectively utilize atmosphere and imagery to draw the reader into a world that, while painful, shimmers with the raw and bloody loveliness of truth….This is a book that the reader inhabits, even when doing so becomes deeply uncomfortable… It’s brutal, honest, and startlingly good”  - Bethany Pope for Sabotage Reviews


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